We are open for our 2020-2021 season starting in September.

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Below are some of the precautions we are taking. These changes will make this season different, but will add to a more personalized experience than ever before.

COMFORT LEVEL COLORS As we begin to come back into a physical space we understand that each person’s comfort level will be different. Some have not been out in public yet. Some won’t want to talk about why they feel a certain way about COVID. Every comfort level is okay. Our studio will do it’s best to help them transition. Each color represents a level in how comfortable they are in adapting back to social environments. We want to help dancers express how they are feeling so the director can be able to help them achieve the most out of their dance experience and hopefully in time all our dancers will find dance to be their GREEN zone.

RED- Um…I’m keeping my distance. Dancer is still very uncomfortable in social settings. Any distance is still too close for comfort. They are ready to try to be in a new physical space but will be uneasy.

YELLOW- Hi! I’m ready to dance. This dancer understands social distancing and is comfortable with it. They can feel uneasy sometimes being in a physical space.

GREEN- I missed you!! Dancer is excited and comfortable to be in a physical space. They understand their boundaries and don’t feel uneasy.

TRANSPORATION It is the parent’s responsibility to transport dancers to and from class and their dancer’s personal recital. The studio is not responsible for transporting your dancer.

CLASS DROP OFF The front lobby is closed to the public. Parents who drop off too early will need to wait in the car until their dancer’s social distancing drop off spot becomes available. Dancers are to have their comfort color displayed, wear a mask, clean hands with sanitizer or other provided cleaning product and wait in the designated social distancing spot until the director can perform the proper health checks. Parents must wait in their vehicle until their dancer has been approved for class before leaving. 

HEALTH CHECKS According to health regulations all dancers must wear a mask, confirm they don’t have symptoms from the verbal checklist and have their temperature checked and logged for contact tracing. Dancers will need to clean their hands using hand sanitizer or other provided cleaning product. Please have dancer choose their comfort level color before class so the director can see any changes to your dancers comfort level.

FACE MASKS The director will wear a face mask the entire class to ensure safety of each dancer. All individual training dancers are required to wear face masks until their class begins. After this time it is their choice if they would like to place their mask in their designated area. In instances wear social distancing cannot be met masks must be worn. NOTE: Dancers in aerial arts, acro, close distance training, and approved small groups will be required to wear masks throughout class.

DRINKS Dancers must supply their own drinks. According to health regulations, drinking fountains, refrigerators and other drink supplies are no longer available to the public.

RESTROOMS The restrooms at the studio facility are open to the public and are not cleaned or regulated by the studio owner and director. They are to be used at your own risk. We encourage dancers to use the restroom at home before attending class. Dancers who need to use the restroom will need to notify their parents before use. We are not responsible for dancers who use the public restroom and contract any disease or illness. See liability agreement for more details.

NO SPECTATORS To keep with the health standards and social distancing requirements we cannot have anyone other than the dancer(s) scheduled to be allowed in any of the studios and lobby areas. Please do not bring additional family and friends to class with you class as they will not be permitted. 

CLASS PICK UP Dancers must wait on a designated social distancing spot until a parent arrives to pick them up. Due to safety and social distancing standards, dancers are not allowed to leave the social distancing area or wait in the parking lot. Please pick up your child on time. Parents who do not pick up dancers in a timely manner will incur additional charges.

VIRTUAL LEARNING We recognize the need to support the various changes in the dance world due to current circumstances. Classes will all be live in studio for the foreseeable future, however, we reserve the right to modify classes to better accommodate the safety of dancers and/or instructors through technology should the need arise.